Anglo-Somali Society
Welcome to the website of the Anglo-Somali Society, the longest standing British-Somali friendship society.

The Anglo-Somali Society is a non profit-making international friendship society whose objective is to
foster friendship and understanding between Somalis and the English-speaking world, and to develop
cultural and social relations between them.


- SPRING 2016 SOCIETY JOURNAL: The latest Journal has been published: See the Contents Page and Cover

See also the 50th ANNIVERSARY COVER (Autumn 2012)

The Journal is sent to all Society members.

If you are interested in joining the Anglo-Somali Society, please check the membership details page.

- See our Facebook page ( If you have any photographs you would like to share please contact Rhoda Ibrahim (

Fundraising helped produce sign language book for Hargeisa School for the Deaf: A brief

publication on Somali Sign Language has been produced with assistance from the Anglo-Somali Society. A copy is 

available here.

List of Society Donations: We have compiled a list of Society donations. Details are available on the 'About Us' page (scroll down!).

Photo: © Michael Walls, 2007, Sin'arro, Sanaag