Significance of the new Berbera port to global Britain 

                                          By Adil Dirie

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Tariqah community: Socio-cultural and religious transformation
 by Nasra Dahir Mohamed

Tariqah village in Sheikh, Somaliland was established in 1813 by Sheikh Adam Ahmed Iimaan, who was a student of Ahmed Ibnu Idris, a Moroccan scholar, Sufi and the founder of.....

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Reminiscences from Peace Corps Volunteers

In 1961 President John F. Kennedy challenged the young people of the United States: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country’. Under the leadership of Sargent Shriver the Peace Corps came into existence on 22 September 1961.

Thousands volunteered to serve, and from 1962 to 1978 nearly 500 Peace Corps Volunteers served in Somalia, mostly on two-year assignments. They worked in agriculture, in school construction, in medical fields, in education, and even in legal fields.

Overwhelmingly, these Volunteers agree that Somalia gave them more than they could ever have given Somalia.

In this issue of our journal we are pleased to publish the reminiscences of a few of these individuals.

October morning by Nick Kremer

The first thing I saw every morning was the broad expanse of the Indian Ocean. My third-floor apartment was in a building of unknown lineage in Shingani, one of Mogadishu’s older neighbourhoods. The whitewashed....

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Koka-Kola by Jeanne d’Haem
Hunger comes and goes like the tide; you can forget about it for a while. Thirst is different; your throat aches, and you can’t think about anything else.....
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Overturning 500 years of habeas corpus precedents   

by Martin R. Ganzglass

Unlike many other Peace Corps Volunteers in Somalia who were teachers, I served as a lawyer. Dr Paolo Contini, an Italian-born American citizen then employed by the.....

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