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Dear Readers,

Reporting from around the world, these days, can be rather sobering and our message from Run Doon this Winter is no exception.


This news is central to our Journal however, and we feel is vital reading for you but we have hopefully lightened the mood with some interesting other topics.


To name a few, we have a tribute to the power of music by Jama Musse Jama, the joys of sport by Mohamed Ismail, the importance of Art by Ismail Einashe and Mohamed Saeed for our front cover and the pleasures of travel by Kitty Hotchkiss.


Once again, I would like to put out a plea for Contributions [see page 48]. We absolutely rely on you, our members, to keep the ship afloat and we know there is lots of talent out there!


Do give us feedback too, and tell us what you think of our efforts by sending “Letters to the Editor”. Such letters can be a means of uniting our Members and sharing ideas across the world!

Happy Reading,


Dr. Susan Sills [Editorial Lead] November 2023

Editor's Picks: Articles from Issue 73

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